Thursday, November 27, 2008

Holiday Wish List Part 1

Since we had a kid there is not a lot of money to be blown on myself these days. So I'm going to use my blog to shill for the stuff I want this year, hoping for some kind souls out there in cyberspace to go to my Amazon wish list and send me the shit I want. Why not, some guy got a house by trading a paperclip, right?

I have been wanting to see this show ever since I heard Jill Sobule (she wrote the theme song) mention it at one of her shows last year or so. It has finally come out on DVD, though hard to find anywhere but Amazon, and I'm hoping someone (cough cough, wife, cough) might buy it for me for the ancient Pagan winter solstice holiday they now call Christmas.

Julia Sweeney tells the story of her journey trying to find her faith before finally Letting Go of God.

A journey similar to mine and many other non-believers.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Hate

Oh man, it has been two weeks since I last posted something. Time flies hen you are changing diapers every fifteen minutes.

So a quick hate post today, just to let everyone know I'm still alive:

D.L. Hughley. Good god, who thinks this guy is funny? I caught part of his new Daily Show-wannabe" show on CNN last week when he was talking to Dan Savage. Holy shit, I haven't seen such unfunny comedy since Saved By The Bell was on the air. And besides being unfunny, there is nothing worse than stupid people who pretend they're smart. I would say it's the comedy version of O'Reilly except that O'Reilly is probably funnier.

At one point Hughley basically told Dan Savage to his face that being gay was the wrong way to be. And he defended it with the whole "way I was raised" nonsense. This was how he was defending the African-American population in California for voting for Prop 8 in such high numbers, because of their religious upbringing. He then said that he had never met a black atheist.

Seriously? Fuck D.L., how many black people do you know then? How is it you are a black man who grew up around other black people and you don't know any black non-believers, yet I'm a white guy who grew up in the suburbs and I've met more than one?

I'm not sure if that was a sign of him being a huge liar or completely clueless.

This country has such a rich history of great black artists and entertainers. Why has that brilliant culture become represented by brainless hacks like Hughley and Tyler Perry?

Paul Robeson must be spinning in his grave.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Hate

Well it has been a few weeks since my last hate list. The whole having a kid thing has been really taking up a lot of my time. Did you know that you can't just leave out food for them and hit the bars for the night? I should have thought this through a little better.

But I'm coming down off my high, so it's time to do some hatin'.

I really only have one thing this week...

Back to basics, let me reiterate my hatred of religion. This isn't one of my usual ranting entries about what I'm hating right now. I'm not really seething about religion at the moment (for that we would be talking about my mother-in-law, who was here for three straight weeks making snide little digs at the guy who isn't good enough for her daughter).

No, I'm more just in the mood to celebrate how smart I am for not believing in religion. Besides all the usual crap that I use to point out why religion is complete bullshit, one that I like to bring up is the ridiculousness that the three main world religions (Islam, Judaism, Christianity) are always fighting with each other even though they worship the same imaginary deity. They bitch and moan with each other over who the prophet is, but still, same damn god.

The utter stupidity of religion got highlighted in the news in a delicious way this weekend. Armenian and Greek Orthodox monks came to blows with each other at the church in Jerusalem where these people believe Jesus was crucified.

Scratch that. Came to blows again. This happens pretty much on a regular basis.

And these guys don't just worship the same god. The groups at this church that are always fighting each other believe in the same exact messenger/saviour/prophet as well.

What's that whole god's love thing again?

More evidence to add to the pile of proof that religious belief is a mental disease.

This shit cracks me up. Keep in mind when watching the video that this is one of the holiest places in all of Christianity.