Saturday, July 29, 2006


It's over! At long last I no longer live in the horrible, horrible shithole known as "Beantown." I got to finally change my profile location to New York baby!

It's going to still be a few days more before I get back to regular posting, so hang in there a little longer my adoring fans. My life right now is about getting our apartment in order. Our MUCH BIGGER apartment that is. (Seriously, we are the only people I know who moved to New York and got a bigger place than where we moved from) My days right now are being spent unpacking, painting walls, taking thousands of boxes and crumpled newspaper to the basement for recycling, and spending hours upon hours in Home Depot, Container Store, Crate & Barrel, Room & Board, Pottery Barn and Ethan Allen. Surprisingly, no Bed Bath and Beyond yet.

I'll write more later this week about my love of being in New York and out of Boston, but here's just one example:

We've been putting in late nights working on the apartment, so often we're not getting dinner until after 8:00 or 9:00 on a lot of nights. Last night we went to order a pizza at the great John's Pizzeria (right around the corner from us!) and grab some groceries from the Food Emporium. At both places my wife wondered out loud if they would still be open (it was pushing 10:00). And I said, "Honey, this isn't Boston, this is a real city. Shit stays open late in real cities."

It is so great not to be in Puritan-land anymore.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I Won't Let The Door Hit Me In The Ass On The Way Out

Sorry I've been gone so long everyone, I've been touring Chicago meeting some of my adoring fans (seriously) and my favorite DJ from when I lived in Chicago and listened to WXRT constantly. Met him at a random party, very cool guy. But that's a story for another day, this is not a real post. This is just a quick note to say that I'm about to box up the computer for the move. The next time you hear from me it will be from our new apartment in the great city of New York. I was going to change my location in my blog profile just because I'm so excited it won't say Boston anymore, but I'll wait until it's official.

Hang in a little longer everybody, I'll be back to my regular ranting soon. See you in the big city.